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Divorce Traditions in Indiana

Every fourth marriage in America falls apart before passing the five-year mark. Scientists explain similar trends in American society with two psychological models that coexist, despite the apparent contradiction between them.

The first trend is the traditional respect for the institution of marriage in the United States, including Indiana. The current European trend, according to which marriage is considered to be old-fashioned and not very relevant, has not taken root in America. People in the US marry much earlier than in Europe, and, in case of failure for the first time, try to reach success in the next marriage. Besides, the fact that unions are encouraged by the church, with which Americans compare their life plans much more often than Europeans, plays a significant role in this.

When it comes to divorces, most of us associate it with scandals, tragedy, broke fates, a division of property, unhappy children, etc. However, there is a category of people who prefer to look at divorce as a reason for celebration.

Is that even possible? It’s one thing not to fight and not to tear family pictures into small pieces, for the sake of the children to keep a more or less amicable relationship, but another thing is to have fun when there is a feeling that a significant part of life is actually wasted, and the years are gone forever. There is especially no reason to show joy if the divorce is not due to a mutual decision, but because of the betrayal or cheating of the spouse.

The New Tradition

Despite that, it is becoming a favorite tradition in Indiana to celebrate not only marriage but also divorce on a grand scale. Today, many divorcing people see this turning point of their lives as not a reason for depression, but the opportunity to leave behind all past problems and troubles and take the first step towards the bright future.

In the United States and European countries, the divorce celebration boom occurred years ago, when people started to invite friends and relatives on the day of divorce, order a cake and jointly mark the end of family life. Initially, such courageous couples organized a celebration on their own, but soon a lot of agencies providing services to celebrate divorce appeared.

Today, if you wish, you can easily find an event organizer that will help former spouses to arrange a real party celebrating their separation, sometimes even superior in scale than a wedding celebration. Former spouses can offer their script for the ceremony or take advantage of a ready-made idea. For example, choose the “wedding in reverse.” In this case, the former husband and wife arrive in a luxurious limousine, remove their wedding rings from each other’s hands, and instead of a kiss they can exchange symbolic slaps.

According to the scenarios that have already been tested, the husband and wife appear at the festival in elegant clothes. A festive dinner includes various contests and gifts. Usually, the organizers of such celebrations do not recommend inviting parents, children, and conservative friends to avoid uncomfortable situations or judgment.

Another “trick” of this holiday is the traditional multi-tiered cake, however, with wonderful decorations on its top. The most common story is when chocolate, marzipan, marmalade husband and wife push each other from the “cake territory.” If the wife ordered the design of the cake, then, of course, it is the sweet lady (by all means) on the cake giving a sharp kick to her husband.

There are, of course, more peace-loving couples who are asking to depict an event that led to divorce — for example, the figure of a wife who goes through messages in her husband’s mobile phone.

Another service that is only gaining momentum in Indiana is a trip to the jewelry store in order to change the design of the wedding rings fundamentally. For instance, to turn it into some kind of original decoration, reminiscent of a past marriage only to the owner. Overall, there is a demand for a variety of divorce parties. Notably, a certain number of such “anti-wedding” end up with the fact that divorced spouses, realizing during the holiday that everything was not so wrong in their life together and love didn’t go away, return to similar agencies to again seek help for the future wedding. Overall, the consequences of such celebrations are very diverse: from wild scandals to happy family reunion.

Moving Forward

Nevertheless, it is not necessary, contrary to one’s views on life or feelings “break” yourself to show the whole world that you do not care. Clearing the soul of hostility and hatred is the most important goal of most of those who are now alone with a divorce certificate. They might even seek the help of a psychologist. No matter how cliché it may sound, life goes on, and there is always a place in it for holidays, even the most unusual ones.

If you are now on the verge of divorce, it is unlikely you are happy. Most people face the thoughts of loneliness and everyday problems at that time, which now they have to solve without the help of a spouse. However, you should remember that this will change. Sooner or later, looking back, you will see that this terrible “lonely” life was not so awful. Here are some bonuses attached to it:

The drama is over

You can finally take a breath of relief. The papers are signed, and all the decisions are made. New life has already begun. There is no need for you to think about the upcoming divorce every second because it is already behind.

You are in control of your finances again

Many women are frightened by the need to support themselves, to deal with bills and payments. However, it is a precious experience that will make you a more independent person. You will learn something new, and then you will be glad for all of it. It is likely that you will be not worse at dealing with finances than before or even much better. Once you take responsibility for yourself, you do not want to give it to someone else because it gives you a feeling of strength and independence.

Ability to move to a new place

It doesn’t matter if you run to a new house or stay in an old one. In any case, you need to change something in the situation. Repaint the walls, replace the walls color, buy bright curtains. Even if there is no money for that, you can improve the position a little bit by buying something nice at sales, which will raise your spirit.

New happiness is waiting for you

Restoring mental balance after a divorce takes a lot of time. Sometimes the process takes years. You can speed it up or slow it down, but sooner or later you will be fine again, you will feel happy still, maybe even more than you could imagine before, especially on the day when you got divorced.

Overall, it is worth noting that a positive approach to divorce from many psychologists in Indiana is the best way to deal with it. It is better to forgive each other’s past mistakes, return the wedding rings, and have fun celebrating the beginning of another, surely happy life and letting go of the spouse. Moreover, it can be a great opportunity to sincerely thank the former partner for all the good things that you have experienced in life together. Even such unusual manifestations of it as the ritual destruction of a dress or a simple cake with beheaded spouses are not amoral at all, but rather a positive outlook on things. Ultimately, it is better than depression or hates towards each other.

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