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Divorce in Indiana – my horrible experience

Back in 2016, I had problems in my family, and as a result, I was faced with the question of the division of property. I decided to apply for free legal assistance in a public organization that is located in the center of Indiana State. But there they explained that such things cost a lot; therefore, if I want some result, I will have to pay 10 thousand dollars. I hardly found the money, I spent half right away, and I brought the second one in a few days. An agreement was signed in which everything was prescribed with an indication of the amount. The trial began.

At the first meeting, a representative of the organization, and in fact, my lawyer did not appear. The meeting was postponed. On the second time, the same situation happened.

I came to them and said: “People, what are you doing? I will lose in court! What am I paying for money for?” And they answered: “The one who took the money from you no longer works for us.” Then I asked: “Did I personally sign an agreement with him? Your organization’s printing is worth it.”

There they just threw up their hands and explained that each of them is engaged in their own business. Therefore, they are responsible only for their own, and not someone else’s. I realized that I was merely deceived and lost my money. I wrote a statement to the police.  After some time, the police told me that they did not see the criminal intent in the actions of the former member of a public organization, as well as the organization itself, so I was advised to go to court.

Then I found out where this “lawyer” is working, and talked with him. The conversation ended with the fact that, according to him, I could not prove anything. I wrote complaints to all instances, appealed to the Prosecutor General, people’s deputies, and in the end, in October 2018, the police opened the criminal proceedings under Part 1 of Article 190 of the Criminal Code of Indiana (fraud). But it is already the fourth month, and there is no result.

Recently, legal companies providing divorce services online began to appear in Indiana State. I solved my problems using this service and spend much less than with advocacy. Here are some tips for you on how to do it correctly.

Online divorce: where to start?

You can start the divorce process online with the mutual consent of the parties, and in the absence of the desire of one of the spouses to divorce. The presence of children who are under the age of 18 is also not an obstacle to the possibility of filing a divorce remotely if the husband and wife have no disputes about the mode of communication with them and their financial support. Separation online is beneficial in the case when the spouses are too busy people, live in different cities or have conflicts and do not want to meet with each other once again. By entrusting the fate of their marriage to a legal office that provides online divorce services, spouses can be confident of a favorable outcome of their business, because divorce is among the deals ending in a positive result.

What needs to be done to get a divorce through the Internet? The first thing you need to choose a divorce company. Some firms provide legal drafting services and legal support to clients, but there are also companies that handle divorce cases from beginning to end and, turning to them, a person will get rid of the need to attend court sessions. To check the reliability of the office, you will need to familiarize yourself with its license. It doesn’t hurt to search the Internet for reviews that customers left about the company they liked. Having decided on the choice of a company, you should go to its website and carefully read the terms of cooperation, the cost of services and the guarantees it provides.

When a client is satisfied with everything, he can order directly on the site a claim for divorce. There is a feedback form on the websites of all companies that provide online divorce services. The client will be able to contact a specialist and provide him with all the information necessary to draw up a claim in court through it. A lawyer will not only write an application but will also respond to the client on all questions relating to divorce.

Online Divorce Procedure

After the claim is made, the divorce office will send a document to the client by e-mail, enclosing a list of papers necessary for the dissolution of the marriage. In the absence of disputes between the spouses, the list of documents for online divorce through the court looks like this:

  • original marriage certificate;
  • a copy of the main pages of the applicant’s passport;
  • copies of birth certificates of all children of a married couple under the age of majority;
  • certificate of family composition from the housing department;

Receipt of payment of court fee.

If necessary, this list can be supplemented with other documents, of which the specialist of the divorce company will notify the client. A person will only have to sign a claim, attach all the documents listed in the list, and send all papers by registered mail to the court at the place of residence of the other spouse.

If the person who applied to the services of the divorce firm does not want to go to court hearings personally, then employees will take this care upon themselves. To do this, the client must draw up and certify the notary’s power of attorney, according to which the firm’s specialists can represent his interests in court. If the law firm is located in another region, then its employees will advise the client on how to conduct the divorce proceedings without his presence in court. With the mutual consent of the parties to the divorce, the marriage is dissolved within a month and a half. If the other spouse does not wish to divorce, the dissolution of the marriage online may be delayed for several months.

Virtually all firms provide their clients with several payment options for their services. Usually, money can be transferred for the rendered work of lawyers by a bank card, through payment terminals, by postal order, electronic cash, and through a mobile phone. Each client can choose the payment method that is most acceptable and advantageous to him.

The remote method of divorce allows spouses to save money because divorce firms charge much less money for their services than lawyers who are in charge of family matters.

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the company’s employees, the client will not have to stand in queues to draw up a competent statement of claim and get legal advice on all the nuances of divorce: he will be able to resolve all matters without leaving his computer or laptop. Well, the main advantage of this procedure is the possibility to get a court decision on divorce without the hassle and personal visits to the courts.

The divorce of married couples with minor children can be carried out relatively simply and quickly if the spouses-parents can independently arrange questions concerning the further upbringing and material support of the children. Unfortunately, children often become the subject of a dispute to be tried, in which case the divorce process becomes more complicated and takes more time. But even during the trial, the spouses-parents are given the opportunity to conclude a peace agreement and independently resolve controversial issues concerning joint children. And even in this case, online divorce companies can help you and do everything faster.

As I understood, divorce is an unpleasant event in people’s lives. But, in addition to the emotions that accompany him, we have to deal with the observance of the regulated procedure of divorce – step-by-step and strictly controlled actions that must be observed so that the process does not stall and come to an end as quickly as possible.


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