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Indiana most interesting cases of divorce

Today, whether we like it or not, Indiana fills with cooing couples, not noticing anyone around, and confident in the eternity of mutual feelings. Well, it also happens. But sometimes love comes with disappointment and divorce. I present a selection of the most unusual causes of divorce from real life in Indiana.

Did not agree with tastes

There is nothing worse for marriage than nightly debates about what to watch on TV. One 29-year-old girl, for example, could not explain to her spouse what her favorite cartoon “Cold Heart” is good. “If a person is not able to understand that this is a great movie, then there’s something wrong with him as a person,” the fan of Disney’s creation said to her husband and filed for divorce.

Magic intervened

The cell of society broke up because the spouse was obsessed with a genie. Disappointed in family life, the newlyweds complained to the court of his wife’s malignant refusals to perform marital debt. According to him, the keeper of the hearth completely stopped having sex with him. With any complaints, she invited her husband to contact her parents. Those, in turn, explained to the man that a genie had long been introduced to the daughter.

The court annulled the marriage, but the husband was obliged to pay his wife about 11 thousand dollars as one-time alimony. Subsequently, the lawyers changed their mind and deprived the guilty of any cash payments at all.

No harmony in bed

One man had no luck in his personal life. The spouse of an Indiana state resident always complained that his manhood was not big enough to give her pleasure during intimacy. The man went to the doctors, and the organ was surgically enlarged. Unfortunately, during the erotic exercises, the new penis broke, which infuriated the spouse. Despite the assurances of her husband that he would perform the operation again and everything would be fine still, his wife filed for divorce, saying that she was fed up with sexual failures.

Wife wants too much

In fairness, it should be noted that there is also the opposite situation. The husband does not maintain the sexual appetite at all. A resident of Indiana state filed for divorce, stating the sexual abuse as the reason. According to him, the wife demanded to fulfill the marital debt three times a day, and even that was not enough for her. She wanted her husband to take libido-stimulating drugs regularly, and to make her have sex also after he had an operation to remove appendicitis. The tortured husband told the court that the spouse was “ruthless, aggressive, stubborn and autocratic.” He also mentioned that his wife threatened him with adultery with other men if she refused to satisfy her appetites. The court annulled the marriage of an unlucky couple.

Husband call names

Funny love nicknames are adorable. But one resident of Indiana state does not think so. She found that her husband recorded it on his mobile phone. One day, the joker forgot his cell phone at home, and when she called him, she saw on the screen an insulting nickname. She considered this a weighty reason for divorce. At trial, the husband explained that he only wanted privacy in the relationship. “I do not want people sitting next to me to see that my wife is calling,” he justified.

Traitor in the house

A housewife from Indiana found out about her husband’s infidelity from their common pet, the talking parrot. Feathery gave the master with guts by producing words and phrases like “divorce,” “love you,” “have patience.” While going to court, the deceived wife took the chief witness with her as the material evidence of adultery.

Kitty love

The marriage of the inhabitants of Indiana state fell apart after the wife sheltered more than 550 cats in the family nest.

At trial, the husband, thirsty for divorce, said that he had lost the opportunity to sleep at night (the cats occupied the entire bed), and also to eat (the animals jumped on the table and took away the food). The wife refused to part with the pets, and the marriage was dissolved.

Jealousy of horses

A jealous resident of Indiana filed for divorce after he found a snarl in his social network profile. A woman kissed a horse on it. Accused of “adultery” showed no signs of repentance and stated at the trial that, perhaps, she did not want to live with a man who considered a kiss with an animal as adultery.

Cleanliness killed

An Indiana resident divorced her husband after 15 years of marriage because of his unreasonable love of purity in the house. The man was putting things in order all day, cleaning and rearranging furniture. Once (and this was the last straw in the wife’s patience), he destroyed and re-erected one of the walls of the dwelling just because it seemed dirty to him.

Dark past

A 99-year-old resident of Indiana filed for divorce from his wife, with whom he lived 77 years after he discovered among the things his wife a pack of old love letters. From the correspondence, which was conducted in the 1940s with a certain young Carabineer from Naples, he realized that his wife had an affair 70 years ago. The deceived husband expressed a desire to part with his 96-year-old wife, despite having five ordinary children, dozens of grandchildren and great-grandson.

I propose to learn from the mistakes of others, and not to lose your second half on such silly reasons, because true love is a very rare feeling now.

Wife divorced husband immediately after the honeymoon

Do you know why? Because he took with him on his honeymoon not only his wife but also his mother. Of course, this can serve as an indicator of the degree of warmth of feelings that a son experiences towards his mother, but his wife did not like that very much. The fact is that the newly appeared husband did not even warn his wife that his mother was going on a honeymoon trip with them. She found out it only at the airport when she saw her mother-in-law with a suitcase. According to the unfortunate wife, the husband “paid very much attention to his mother during the honeymoon trip.” Immediately after returning home, his wife filed for divorce.

Wife divorced her husband because of losing cards

The husband was playing cards with his friend, and when he ran out of money, he offered a friend to accept his wife as a bet. Naturally, no one asked his wife whether she agreed to that. As a result, the husband lost his wife, and later, without thinking twice, divorced him almost immediately.

Another interesting fact is that a woman after some time married the very friend of her husband who won her in cards. According to the new wife, her late husband was so gallant and polite that she liked him, and after a couple of months, everything ended with a wedding.

A young woman divorced a 62-year-old man because she could not keep his pace

The 22-year-old girl married a wealthy 62-year-old businessman, but after a few months, she divorced him because, in her own words, she could not stand the rhythm of the latter’s life. A businessperson could fly around several countries in three days, take part in a mass of business meetings, solve several problems, and then have some fun. In general, the girl could not stand the frantic pace of life of a businessman.

The couple got married a second time 57 years after the divorce

It also happens that the former spouses decide to reunite after some time. Our heroes, 93-year-old Leslie Harper, and 90-year-old Elsie chose to join in marriage 57 years after the divorce. According to their friends, children, and grandchildren, the couple was thrilled to participate after so much time.

The man threatened his wife with a divorce because of cakes

One guy from Indiana threatened his wife with a divorce in an official manner if she would not stop stuffing him with sweets. The fact is that his wife made him eat the cake with every meal. At first, the husband felt happy. His beloved wife prepared so many sweets. This seemed to be a miracle. But then he began to bother the sweet, and in the end, he started hating to see any cakes, although his wife continued to insist that he should eat everything. In general, while the Chinese did not threaten his wife with a divorce, she continued to feed him with sweets.

Well, to conclude, be careful with the choice of your beloved one. Sometimes it happens that they may be extraordinary. Also, the process of divorce is excruciating and long. You can make it faster applying for a divorce on the Internet in Indiana state. It will save your money, time, and nerves. Moreover, the specialist will help you will all your questions.


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